Adopt a Volunteer

Each volunteer dedicates almost 500 hours annually providing emotional and practical support to people experiencing a traumatic event in their lives. Even though not everyone can do the work of a TIP volunteer, anyone – including you – can support a TIP volunteer.  By donating to the “Adopt a Volunteer” program, you will help train, equip, and recognize this volunteer throughout the year.

Working closely with First Responders, TIP volunteers fill a critical void in the emergency service system. Each volunteer commits to three 12-hour shifts a month and is dispatched to emergency scenes to administer “emotional first aid.” Practical support is also provided, including connecting survivors to available community resources. Many volunteers have experienced a traumatic event personally and understand the need for this type of emotional and practical support.

Help us continue to serve your community and fulfil our mission by choosing to sponsor a TIP volunteer today!

Make a tax-deductible donation by adopting a volunteer for $250, $100, $50 or another specified amount. Any amount donated helps defray the cost of required continuing education training for our volunteers and provides printed resources that volunteers distribute to survivors/families on scene free of charge. Our goal is for each of our volunteers to be adopted and raise a total amount of $15,000. Please donate if you can, every little bit helps.​

Robby and Child

With gratitude, we thank you for your generosity.