Adopt a Volunteer Details



Region Assignment: North County

Volunteer Since: May 2023

Why I Joined TIP: I was trained for almost two years by Canine Companions to be a service dog and my trainer said I was the smartest dog she’d trained in 18 years. I just love being with people and making their day better. But I really like to chase rabbits, ducks, lizards, and, well basically anything that moves so I needed a new career. My new family worked really hard to train me to ask first before I chase anything. Now I get to do both! I get to make people feel better and my “dad” takes me to the park every day to chase and catch a ball. 

Activities Outside TIP: Because I behave so well, I get to go almost everywhere with my family. Camping is just the best. I love snuggling with people and rolling over for tummy rubs.

One Word to Describe Volunteering: WOOF!

Fun Fact About Volunteer: I love surfing.