Adopt a Volunteer Details


Region Assignment: North County

Volunteer Since: October 2017

Why I Joined TIP: As a teenager (16 yrs old), I lost 8 family members in 5 years. I was hurt & numb. I had no one family or friend who knew how to talk to me. If they spoke to me about the loss. Conversations were always about my physical well-being but nothing my emotional intelligence or my heart. I had no one to tell me what to do the next day. I had no resources to help me cope. I never want anyone to feel that emptiness again. TIP gives support and resources to others even when they do not think it is necessary.

Activities Outside TIP: ROCK Church SD Chaplain. Fitness Guru, and DoD Workplace Recruiter.

One Word to Describe Volunteering: Selfless

Fun Fact About Volunteer: Stay flexible and open minded about the people you encounter. A surprise or the unexpected is just around the corner.