Adopt a Volunteer Details


Region Assignment: North County

Volunteer Since: July 2006

Why I Joined TIP: I was introduced to TIP initially as a client. A TIP volunteer showed up at tragedy. I was amazed at how she so compassionately and professionally helped turn an utterly chaotic situation into something with grateful memories. As she left, I thanked her but said “I could never do that.” She replied “yes you can,” and told me more about TIP and how to get involved. I’ve now been a volunteer for 17 years and have been on more than 700 calls.

Activities Outside TIP: Off road racing as the co-driver navigator. I just won first place in a 1000 mile race in Mexico. At age 65 that was a “bucket list” event. Also enjoy exotic adventure travel. I’m in Africa now as I’m writing this.

One Word to Describe Volunteering: Rewarding

Fun Fact About Volunteer: I once owned the world’s largest carnivorous plant nursery.